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We believe that experience is everything. So, more than our compact, fully furnished living spaces, what matters will be the level of care, attention and curated opportunities that you get to live the life that you want to.

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Season Two has two projects each in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram that offer 475 senior living homes with rent/ownership options that can accommodate up to 950 senior citizens.

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Season Two is a first-of-its-kind senior living environment in India that is designed to ensure that you bond with the community and engage in activities that you are passionate about and live life without a care in the world.

Support Services

24/7 Healthcare | Property Management | Transportation

Season Two offers you all the support you need to lead an active, healthy life. We’ll take care of everything – your health, nutrition, daily chores, transportation, utility bills and property management.

A Better Way Of Life

24/7 Support | Safe & Secure | Economical

Season Two promises you a safe, secure, hassle-free life that makes perfect sense both practically and financially. With a full-fledged service team who will take care of all your needs, you can just relax and live life without a care in the world.

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See how our Season Two Citizens are living a happier and purposeful life that’s surrounded by love, compassion and care and making their season two truly enjoyable.

Season Two Home Care

We believe that compassion can work wonders for a patient’s recovery. Which is why, at Season Two, we uphold the legacy of caregiving as a truly caring profession. Our caregivers create a warm, healing environment for patients with empathy and care. Their professional expertise and personalised approach, with focus on patient wellbeing will ensure that you get the best possible care – right in the comfort of your home.

Season Two Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the 5000 year old Indian system of medicine, helps achieve physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing by balancing the five elements of the body in a completely natural way. Season Two Ayurveda offers a wide range of expert, personalised therapeutic, rejuvenation and beauty therapies. You also have the option of choosing a therapy package and staying at our facility during the entire course of the treatment.

Season Two Physiotherapy

We have an experienced team of Physiotherapists who provide personalised, home-based rehabilitation therapy for restoring mobility and improving quality of life of patients with chronic or debilitating health conditions. Trained to deliver specialised care to senior citizens, they also work closely with the medical team to help patients get back on their feet after medical procedures or injuries.

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