Season Two

A Better Way Of Life

Safety And

With every possible security measure in place, Season Two ensures you peace-of-mind by providing the right balance of independence and safety, round-the-clock.

Do What You
Love To Do

We understand that everyone has their own retirement dream. Some dream of going back to long forgotten loves like music, dance, photography, painting; some dream of a quiet retreat where they can lead a simpler, more fulfilling life; some dream of travel; some dream of the perfect stillness of doing nothing; some dream of giving back to society…all one needs is the right environment to make these simple dreams come true. Which is why we have built Season Two around you and the things that you like to do.

And Practical

No maids. No cooks. No drivers. No grocery shopping, No cooking. No electricity, gas, telephone or broadband bills. No home delivery charges. No housekeeping or maintenance costs. No arranging trips for health check-ups. Season Two offers you a low maintenance, economical and practical way of living that costs you way lesser than what you are spending month on month now.

Assurance Of
24/7 Support

When you move to Season Two, you can leave behind your biggest worry: “Who will I call for help?”. From your simple, everyday things to health emergencies, we are there to take of you and provide all possible support – day and night.

New Friends

At Season Two, you’ll be able to make new friends that share your interests and hobbies: friends with whom you can have endless conversations over a cup of tea, bond over games and enjoy meals together. Put simply, you will always find yourself surrounded by friends, love, positivity and care.


Season Two gives you the option of buying or renting your Season Two home. Either way, you can be assured of a life that’s comfortable, easy and worry-free, with all your needs taken care of, at all times.