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Finding freedom in their twilight years

As we celebrate our 74th Republic Day, what does freedom truly mean for a senior citizen?

The constitution of the country was created on January 26, 1950, which marked the first Republic day of India. This day was picked keeping in mind the same day in 1930 when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Indian National Congress Head, declared the country a Purna Swaraj – which translates to complete Indian Independence. It meant that  India as a whole  was free from the authority of East India Company. Seventy three years have passed since that day and yet, independence is a term that is redefined for each individual, on a regular basis.

The elderly refrain from going out often to avoid catching a virus; they seek help for tasks because they do not want to risk slipping or straining their body much. Out of Kerala’s total population, as of 2021, 16.5% comprises senior citizens, who grow more and more dependent on those around them each day. The freedom of choices and privileges that they can exercise is greatly limited, which is a major concern in a state like Kerala that reflects the highest share of its population belonging to the elderly age group.

Whether a state that boasts of high literacy and quality of living is equipped to sustainably match the growing needs of the major class of its population, is a socially relevant question. It is not only to address this concern, but also to elevate the standard of living and richness in experience among the seniors, that retirement homes have been the focus area in infrastructure development for the state in recent years. In this huge leap to return the favour to our seniors who have spent most of their lives building and rebuilding their and their young one’s lives, senior living homes hold a place at the pinnacle of Kerala’s thoughtful development in the right direction.

After securing their children’s future and selflessly investing in a dream home at a young age, geriatric period poses unforeseen challenges to maintaining a home. The daily chores and running errands turn tedious and the fear of one’s own home having grown bigger than them also creates avoidable emotional distress. For children living away from parents, lack of immediate medical assistance for their aged parents is always a living nightmare. It is an attempt to tackle these apprehensions that Season Two Group Chairman Sajan Pillai has made through envisioning and bringing to life his dream project in two major cities of Kerala- Trivandrum and Kochi.

Other than renting out one’s own home when moving to a retirement home, there are also options like reverse mortgage that can be opted by a homeowner who is 62 or older. It is possible to borrow against the value of home and receive funds as a lump sum, fixed monthly payment, or line of credit. Unlike a forward mortgage—meaning the type used to buy a home—a reverse mortgage doesn’t require the homeowner to make any loan payments during their lifetime. Instead, the entire loan balance, up to a limit, becomes due and payable when the borrower dies, moves out permanently, or sells the home.

With options such as this encouraging the idea of senior living communities, Season Two Senior Living is an opportunity for senior citizens to make friends, indulge in rich experiences and live life to the fullest, even after sixty. Along with it, they also can seek expert medical care at the press of a button, have their dietary requirements and medical conditions taken care of round the clock and most importantly, free up a lot of time to enable them to do things that they truly enjoy and value. Season Two will be a common name among reputed senior living facilities all across India in the coming years. Through well thought out plans that cater to the emotional and physical well-being of its residents, it is sure to enhance the holistic health of its people.

When living the life we want is an option, Season Two is an opportunity not to miss.

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