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Senior Living: How community living buttresses geriatric wellness

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One of my friends, a very successful businessman in the US, has his aged mother in India. He was keen to take his mother with him to the US, but she was not ready to be away from her homeland. She wished for was the cheerful company of peers with whom she could share her memories, feelings, and leisurely time. Intending to fight her my friend searched for engaging communities in Kerala to where she could belong.

The search went in vain because there were no such facilities in Kerala in those times. Fortunately, the scenario is very different today with the establishment of many promising senior living communities. Community is where we find comfort during the difficult times in our lives. The power of communication and the ability to live in communities led us to where we are now. Yuval Noah Harari’s ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ is one of those uniquely breath-taking books that talk about the evolution of humankind. The book delineates how the archaic humans loved, played, formed close friendships, and competed for status and power.

We began to cooperate flexibly in large groups with complex and versatile languages. If there is a secret to our success, it is because our brains develop to communicate. We have the power to cooperate effectively in large groups. As Harari puts it, “Sapiens can cooperate in extremely flexible ways with countless numbers of strangers. That is why Sapiens rule the world”.

Most people want to be part of a community

Most people want to be part of a community because there is something indescribably lovely about being part of a group. It is about some charming intangible things that, when shared, make individuals seem less lonely. As mentioned in religious scriptures across the globe, the primary purpose of life is to awaken to the essence of who we are. The miracle of community is that it offers us the fire of affirmation and support to achieve this, even when it feels like having no fire within us.

The needs of the elderly are not only economical but also social, psychological, and physical. Effective changes are required to ensure their social and psychological well-being. The word ‘community’ has a unique power to it. It conveys a sense of togetherness and positivity and implies belongingness and homeliness.

Lonely older people are more prone to illnesses

As elders choose to be in their own houses, they eventually learn to live with loneliness. But it has a wounding effect on their physical, psychological, and cognitive health. Lonely older people are more prone to illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and depression than others who live in communities. In addition to these illnesses, the quality of life also declines.

In a well-designed community like retirement homes, the residents benefit from many factors that aid their overall well-being. This includes regular resident engagement activities that aim to maintain an active lifestyle in seniors. Residents who suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s can use their specialized care and memory-boosting activities. Peer-to-peer support is another highlight of such communities, which is rare in similar settings. Common interest groups in these communities help elders to indulge in their favourite passions. At retirement homes, healthy and homely food is served in a common dining room to help the members bond. The food served will be overseen by experts who follow nutritionists’ directions, to satisfy the elders’ special dietary needs. Such communities have premium amenities and programs such as yoga, physiotherapy, meditation, and regular exercise sessions to follow a fitness regime.

Communities living together are healthier

Season Two is a senior living community provider who inspires senior citizens to never retire from life, no matter what their age or state of health. Season Two empowers the senior community to stay healthy, active, relevant, and happy. To foster the spirit of collaborative living, our well-trained team ensure they create a haven for the residents by providing them the trust and joy to believe in community living.

Community living allows senior citizens to live a life of dignity and respect, with comfort and convenience, companionship, and quality of life, all under one roof. The feeling of safety and security is a cherry on top. Considering that many elders can afford to live a good quality of life even in their old ages, it is unfortunate that most of them miss making the right choice. Future is absolutely about self-love and care that will inspire more senior citizens to choose the right decision to live in communities for their own wellness.

-Mr. Anuchandran Nair,
CEO & Managing Director, Season Two Senior Living

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