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The Ultimate Guide to Bid Goodbye to Mid-life Crisis

So you have crossed 55 and want to redefine your life. But before you go about buying the new Rolls Royce Phantom (salamanca blue, of course!) or finally take that Eat-Pray-Love sabbatical, know that you’re in good company. Check out these names who are turning 55 in 2021: Milind Soman, Alka Yagnik, Robert Downey Jr., JK Rowling and Shah Rukh Khan. They are slaying their mid-life, for sure! You don’t have to be a seasoned rocker or yesterday’s Bollywood star to still be cool after 55. Here are 8 ways to avoid mid-life crisis and get your groove back.

Be Active

By now you’re well aware of your body’s betrayal. Yet you can turn it around. Listen to your doctor, eat healthier, but most importantly, get moving and stay moving. Go dancing, play golf or do yoga. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get your heart and blood pumping. You only need 30 minutes a day, the same amount of time it takes to find the house keys.

Give Yourself a Makeover

Was there a style you wanted to try when you were younger but didn’t feel sophisticated enough? Be bold; accentuate earth tones with bright accessories. By changing your paradigm alone, you’d be surprised just how “not old” you’ll feel.


No, I’m not talking about with each other … although, if you’re looking to rekindle that flame or starting anew, go for it! Love is ageless. What I mean here, though, is flirt with your dreams and your desires. Do you have goals you never found time to get accomplished? Is there a hobby you wanted to do but were too nervous to try? It’s never too late. Be fearless again.

Get a “Second” Job

Much like those hobbies you never got around to doing, this is the time to spread your wings, especially if you’re retired. Now is the time to write that great novel, sell those nature photos, or dust off your shoes and teach a dance class. Everyone is good at something; we all have our talents. Turn your passions into a career.

Go Get Lost

Ask yourself: How well do you know the city or town that you live in? There are always hidden gems where you live: new eateries popping up, traveling shows stopping through, or historical sites you may have driven past but never stopped to learn about.

Think Young

Never think you’re too old for anything that brings you happiness. If you want to eat cereal for breakfast, do it! If you want to have a house party with music and dancing friends, go for it! Don’t act your age, act your essence.

Do What You Want

Don’t feel ashamed to splurge on yourself a little, or eat the big piece of 7-layer chocolate cake. Want to remake yourself but don’t know how? Go ahead and do something that shocks or even scares you like dying your hair turquoise blue. Have fun by simply being spontaneous and extravagant.

Ditch the Planner

This goes along with being spontaneous and doing what you want. Sometimes we get so caught up in a routine that we often give ourselves anxiety if we don’t stay on schedule. It’s perfectly acceptable to give yourself a break and veer off the beaten path. Take a nap on a Tuesday right before dinner. Miss a day at the gym if you want. Put on your favourite music, take a walk, and see where you end up instead. There’s a thrill in being disobedient, even if you’re disobeying yourself. Mid-life crisis isn’t going to touch you until you let it. After all, old is a word used for comparison, not a state of being.

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