Season Two

Life at season two

Life At
Season Two

We believe that experience is everything. Which is why we’ve handpicked the best possible people to deliver the Season Two standard of care. So more than our compact, well thought-out, beautifully designed, fully furnished living spaces, what matters will be the level of care, attention and curated opportunities that you get to lead the kind of life that you want to lead. Season Two offers three distinctly different ways of living: Active Living, Assisted Living and Continuous Care.

Active Living

The perfect option for the young at heart. You can now live life with purpose, without a care in the world. Routine, bothersome things like paying bills, maintenance, grocery shopping and household chores will no longer eat into your mind-space. You’ll be free to pursue what you’d like to do in the second season of your life. You can continue to work, take up outdoor activity or dabble in whatever interests you – music or movies, magic or monopoly, meditation or modelling. Whatever it be, we’ll help you feel young, alive and relevant to the best of our ability

Assisted Living

You will feel confident enough to challenge your physical ailments when you have caregivers who truly understand you and help you live as independently as possible. The assisted living facilities at Season Two are designed to encourage mobility and ease, so that you have far more options than being stuck indoors all the time. You can make new friends at Season Two, enjoy indoor games, pursue new hobbies or get actively involved in our community-connect initiatives. And in case you need any additional support, we’re there for you – 24/7.

Continuous Care

Season Two offers continuous care for your loved ones who are mobility-challenged or bed-bound, with the support of trained caregivers who provide compassionate care, round-the-clock. Our caregivers create a warm, healing environment and provide personalised care for your loved ones, laced with compassion and empathy. They work closely with the concerned medical team/treating physician to ensure the best possible care and optimal nutrition, with special focus on overall physical and mental wellbeing. We also arrange specialised care for Dementia/Alzheimer’s patients, on request.