Season Two

Season Two Ayurveda
Season Two Ayurveda is a dedicated wellness centre that offers curative, restorative and rejuvenating therapies/treatment plans that help you achieve physical and mental wellness by alleviating pain, managing stress, hastening healing and helping stay healthier and younger – both inside and out.
Our Healing Team, comprising expert Ayurveda Physicians, nurses and therapists will create a personalised treatment plan for you after a comprehensive evaluation of your health condition and provide you the best possible care, with a holistic approach. You also have the option of choosing a therapy package and staying at our facility during the entire course of the treatment.

Season Two Ayurveda has a Yoga centre that promotes preventive wellness in people of all ages.

Curative Therapies

Season Two Ayurveda offers treatment plans custom created by our Physicians after a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s health.

Wellness Therapies

We offer a wide range of personalised wellness therapies that improve your overall physical and mental health and help you stay young and energetic.

Beauty Therapies

Our expert team offers you highly-effective, all-natural and personalised Ayurvedic therapies that beautify your skin and hair from within.

Post Natal Care

Childbirth can cause a lot of physical and mental changes to woman’s body. Which is why Ayurveda emphasises on the need for a comprehensive post natal care plan immediately after delivery for restoring/improving the mother’s as well as the baby’s overall health. Season Two Ayurveda offers 14-day post natal care for new mothers.

Benefits of Post Natal Care

Season Two Ayurveda Post Natal Care Package



Season Two Ayurveda Packages

We give you the option
of choosing a therapeutic or wellness package of 7, 14 and 21 day duration, as per your convenience. All you need to do is give us a call on +91 7838 164 164 / +91 8281110357 and speak to our Wellness Coordinator who will handhold you through the entire booking process. We also offer
you the following facilities to help make your healing trip easier and hassle-free.