Season Two


How it all started.

“For well over twenty-five years, I’ve been living with my family in Orange County, California. My parents, who were working with different Government organisations, were based in Trivandrum, Kerala. When they retired, the two young, active people I knew all my life suddenly began to age. They spent time here with us, in Orange County, and enjoyed being here – but they were not willing to consider living here for the rest of their lives. So, for many years, they kept shuttling between their two homes in two countries – till travelling long-haul became a problem for them. We then started looking around for an interesting community that they could be part of – but there was nothing other than the traditional ‘old-age homes’ available. After a few years, my father fell ill. It slowly became difficult for my mother to manage his illness, the house and the daily chores. They started becoming increasingly dependent on the maid, the driver and their erratic schedules. I realised that millions of senior citizens across India probably have no option but to live like this. It was then that I resolved to create caring, empowering spaces for senior citizens. Today, my mother lives in a Season Two senior home (former Asha Homes) in Thiruvananthapuram and she loves every minute of it.”
Sajan Pillai,
Group Chairman, SP Lifecare Group of Companies

Our Vision

Inspire senior citizens to never retire from life, no matter what their age or state-of-health.

Our Mission

What we aspire to do.

We aspire to have a 5000 strong Season Two Senior Living Community by 2025. What powers this growth will be a curated culture of care, where every single Senior Citizen feels happy, relevant and proud to live the Season Two way of life. Needless to say, this will also mean that we will have better systems and practices, better access to talent and technology and most importantly perhaps, a larger community of senior citizens to interact and engage with.

Our Core Team

Sajan Pillai

Group Chairman | SP Life Care Group of Companies.

Sajan Pillai is an internationally acclaimed businessman, investor, engineer, IT innovator and philanthropist. Renowned for his exceptional ability to foster innovative thinking and infuse life into ideas, Sajan was featured in the prestigious Stemconnector’s list of 100 CEO Leaders as well as in the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice list of Top 100 CEOs during his two-decade long tenure as Director and CEO in UST Global. His ground-breaking initiative ‘Step IT Up America’, which aimed at empowering 5000 women technologists was lauded by political as well as industry leaders and was seen as a major step towards gender egalitarianism in the technology sector. The brain behind MCI Telecommunication’s largest software system and several innovative technologies that helped transform UST Global from a 20-employee company into a 26,000-strong IT major with a presence in 21 countries, Sajan holds multiple patents in Internet Computing and Data Systems. Though he currently lives in Orange County, California, United States, he travels regularly to his home town, Trivandrum, in Kerala, India

Anuchandran Nair

Managing Director | Season Two Senior Living (SP Life Care Pvt. Ltd.).

Anuchandran Nair is a digital transformation evangelist who inspires companies to reimagine, reinvent and restructure the way they function by leveraging the infinite possibilities of technology. Founder-CEO of Altaire Insights and Chief Product Officer of Svast Inc., he is a patent holder in DevOps who believes in applying technology for creating comprehensive solutions that make life simpler. Anuchandran is a Member of the British Computer Society Management, Founder Member of ISGR-CC (Information Systems' Governance Risk & Compliance Consortium) and Director-Board Member of ISACA, Trivandrum Chapter. He currently lives in Trivandrum Kerala, India.

Anjali Nair

Chief Operating Officer | Season Two Senior Living (SP Life Care Pvt. Ltd.).

Anjali Nair is a technologist and business expert with a keen eye for identifying opportunities with potential. In her twelve-year stint with UST Global, she evolved from being the Head of IT Governance to becoming the Practice Head – DevOps. With over twenty-two years of experience in management, funding, investment and technology, Anjali Nair’s ability to combine people, processes and products to create a well-structured, efficient and accountable work system is what makes her a true leader. An avid reader, music lover and movie buff, she is also a nature lover who finds great joy in gardening. Anjali Nair, who is also one of the Directors of A.S. Carehomes Pvt. Ltd. as well as A.S. Healthcare Assistance Pvt. Ltd., currently lives in Kochi, Kerala, India.

Our Care Team

We have a handpicked team of individuals who understand what unconditional love really means people who want to devote their lives to caring for other people; people who are the epitome of empathy; people who smile from the heart. From taking care of your health, carrying out your daily chores, curating your experiences and even maintaining your home when you are travelling, we’ve got you covered. For life.

Care Model

Care is the soul of Season Two. A lot of thought, process and effort have gone into crafting the experience that in totality lives up to this promise. Every person in our team genuinely believes that is their true calling. Which is why you will discover that they are as skilled and talented as they are empathetic and compassionate.